Sri Lanka, so much more to it

Next stop, Sri Lanka 🤗

Another destination whereby development to improvise infrastructure is starting to take place in the country. While it slowly develops, they do have nice place to visit be it at the beach or somewhere deep in the greens.

I travelled up north from Colombo to Sigiriya, which takes up to 4 – 5 hours and travelling on road is the only option. Also, this would be an estimated time as it depends on traffic and roads aren’t really build to perfection like those well-developed countries.

Sigiriya – The Lion Rock

DSC_5095.JPGThis would be the view from a far and yup, you are allowed to hike up there. Foreigners would need to purchase a ticket to get in. Do keep the ticket as there will be 3 check points on the way up.  DSC_5098.JPGDSC_5110.jpgThe journey starts 👣👣. There will be lots of steps up, some are quite steep and if you have bad knees / fear of heights; I wouldn’t recommend getting up there.

DSC_5173.JPGView from the peak of the rock. The hike up and down takes at least half a day.

Nuwara Eliya

DSC_5388.jpgNext place to visit would be the highland, down south of Sigiriya. Journey up here by car took about 6 hours and do expect winding and tiny roads. Temperature here ranges around 15-20 degrees which makes me enjoy it more. DSC_5220.JPGView from my room  in the morning with the feeling of cool breeze passing your face feels so refreshing 😊.

DSC_5230.JPGOn the journey up to the National Park, this is what i have managed to capture. Windmills, Cows and Greens the kind of peaceful & calm sight.

Hortons Plain National Park- Highland

Hiking at the National Park during this weather is fun and not hot at all. You get to enjoy the sights and vast land around. While hiking they do have a 3 spots for you to hike to.  Entrance fee is required for the National Park. Best timing for hiking would be in the morning. DSC_5359.JPGDSC_5256.JPGDSC_5270.JPGDSC_5276.JPG

I really enjoy both hikes, but prefer the second hike on the highland due to the cool weather. However, one thing to take note is the journey from one destination to another takes at least half a day. Be prepared to at least spend most of the time in the car.

This sums up my hiking experience in Sri Lanka for now….



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